Synonyms for unstable

Synonyms for (adj) unstable

Synonyms: fluid, unstable

Definition: subject to change; variable

Usage: a fluid situation fraught with uncertainty; everything was unstable following the coup

Similar words: changeable, changeful

Definition: such that alteration is possible; having a marked tendency to change

Usage: changeable behavior; changeable moods; changeable prices

Synonyms: unstable, precarious

Definition: affording no ease or reassurance

Usage: a precarious truce

Similar words: uneasy

Definition: lacking a sense of security or affording no ease or reassurance

Usage: farmers were uneasy until rain finally came; uneasy about his health; gave an uneasy laugh; uneasy lies the head that wears the crown; an uneasy coalition government; an uneasy calm; an uneasy silence fell on the group

Synonyms: unstable

Definition: highly or violently reactive

Usage: sensitive and highly unstable compounds

Similar words: reactive

Definition: participating readily in reactions

Usage: sodium is a reactive metal; free radicals are very reactive

Synonyms: unstable

Definition: disposed to psychological variability

Usage: his rather unstable religious convictions

Similar words: irresolute

Definition: uncertain how to act or proceed

Usage: the committee was timid and mediocre and irresolute

Synonyms: mentally ill, unsound, unstable

Definition: suffering from severe mental illness

Usage: of unsound mind

Similar words: insane

Definition: afflicted with or characteristic of mental derangement

Usage: was declared insane; insane laughter

Synonyms: unstable

Definition: lacking stability or fixity or firmness

Usage: unstable political conditions; the tower proved to be unstable in the high wind; an unstable world economy

Similar words: coseismal, coseismic

Definition: being where earthquake waves arrive simultaneously

Similar words: crank, cranky, tippy, tender

Definition: (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail

Similar words: volatile, explosive

Definition: liable to lead to sudden change or violence

Usage: an explosive issue; a volatile situation with troops and rioters eager for a confrontation

Similar words: rickety, shaky, wobbly, wonky

Definition: inclined to shake as from weakness or defect

Usage: a rickety table; a wobbly chair with shaky legs; the ladder felt a little wobbly; the bridge still stands though one of the arches is wonky

Similar words: rocky

Definition: liable to rock

Usage: on high rocky heels

Similar words: seismal, seismic

Definition: subject to or caused by an earthquake or earth vibration

Similar words: tipsy

Definition: unstable and prone to tip as if intoxicated

Usage: a tipsy boat

Similar words: top-heavy

Definition: unstable by being overloaded at the top

Similar words: tottering

Definition: (of structures or institutions) having lost stability; failing or on the point of collapse

Usage: a tottering empire

Similar words: volcanic

Definition: explosively unstable

Usage: a volcanic temper

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