Synonyms for unsupported

Synonyms for (adjective) unsupported

Synonyms: unsupported

Definition: not held up or borne

Usage: removal of the central post left the roof unsupported

Similar words: strapless

Definition: having no straps

Usage: a strapless evening gown

Similar words: unbraced

Definition: without braces or props

Synonyms: unsupported

Definition: not sustained or maintained by nonmaterial aid

Usage: unsupported accusations

Similar words: unwarranted, wild, baseless, groundless, idle, unfounded

Definition: without a basis in reason or fact

Usage: baseless gossip; the allegations proved groundless; idle fears; unfounded suspicions; unwarranted jealousy

Similar words: unassisted, unbacked, single-handed

Definition: unsupported by other people

Similar words: uncorroborated, unsubstantiated

Definition: unsupported by other evidence