Synonyms for unsympathetic

Synonyms for (adj) unsympathetic

Synonyms: disagreeable, unsympathetic

Definition: not agreeing with your tastes or expectations

Usage: found the task disagreeable and decided to abandon it; a job temperamentally unsympathetic to him

Similar words: uncongenial, incompatible

Definition: not suitable to your tastes or needs

Usage: the uncongenial roommates were always fighting; the task was uncongenial to one sensitive to rebuffs

Synonyms: unkindly, unsympathetic

Definition: lacking in sympathy and kindness

Usage: unkindly ancts

Similar words: unkind

Definition: lacking kindness

Usage: a thoughtless and unkind remark; the unkindest cut of all

Synonyms: unsympathetic, closed

Definition: not having an open mind

Usage: a closed mind unreceptive to new ideas

Similar words: unreceptive

Definition: not receptive

Synonyms: unsympathetic

Definition: not sympathetic or disposed toward

Usage: unsympathetic officialdom; people unsympathetic to the revolution; his dignity made him seem aloof and unsympathetic

Similar words: unsympathising, unsympathizing

Definition: not showing or expressing sympathy

Usage: an uncharitable and unsympathizing attitude

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