Synonyms for unwholesome

Synonyms for (adj) unwholesome

Synonyms: unwholesome

Definition: detrimental to physical or moral well-being

Usage: unwholesome food; unwholesome habits like smoking

Similar words: insalubrious, unhealthful, unhealthy

Definition: detrimental to health

Similar words: jejune, insubstantial

Definition: lacking in nutritive value

Usage: the jejune diets of the very poor

Similar words: morbid

Definition: suggesting an unhealthy mental state

Usage: morbid interest in death; morbid curiosity

Similar words: nauseating, nauseous, noisome, offensive, vile, queasy, sickening, loathsome

Definition: causing or able to cause nausea

Usage: a nauseating smell; nauseous offal; a sickening stench

Similar words: rich

Definition: containing plenty of fat, or eggs, or sugar

Usage: rich desserts; they kept gorging on rich foods

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