Synonyms for unworldly

Synonyms for (adj) unworldly

Synonyms: unsophisticated, unworldly

Definition: not wise in the ways of the world

Usage: either too unsophisticated or too honest to promise more than he could deliver; this helplessly unworldly woman- Kate O'Brien

Similar words: naif, naive

Definition: marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

Usage: a teenager's naive ignorance of life; the naive assumption that things can only get better; this naive simple creature with wide friendly eyes so eager to believe appearances

Synonyms: unworldly

Definition: not concerned with the temporal world or swayed by mundane considerations

Usage: was unworldly and did not greatly miss worldly rewards- Sheldon Cheney

Similar words: anchoritic, eremitic, eremitical, hermitic, hermitical

Definition: characterized by ascetic solitude

Usage: the eremitic element in the life of a religious colony; his hermitic existence

Similar words: monastic, monastical, cloistered, cloistral, conventual

Definition: of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

Similar words: unearthly, spiritual

Definition: concerned with or affecting the spirit or soul

Usage: a spiritual approach to life; spiritual fulfillment; spiritual values; unearthly love

Similar words: unmercenary

Definition: not mercenary; not influenced by financial gains

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