Synonyms for vindictive

Synonyms for (adj) vindictive

Synonyms: vindictive, despiteful, spiteful

Definition: showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite

Usage: a despiteful fiend; a truly spiteful child; a vindictive man will look for occasions for resentment

Similar words: malicious

Definition: having the nature of or resulting from malice

Usage: malicious gossip; took malicious pleasure in...watching me wince- Rudyard Kipling

Synonyms: revengeful, vengeful, vindictive

Definition: disposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge

Usage: more vindictive than jealous love- Shakespeare; punishments...essentially vindictive in their nature- M.R.Cohen

Similar words: unforgiving

Definition: unwilling or unable to forgive or show mercy

Usage: a surly unforgiving old woman

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