Synonyms for vital

Synonyms for (adj) vital

Synonyms: vital

Definition: manifesting or characteristic of life

Usage: a vital, living organism; vital signs

Similar words: alive, live

Definition: possessing life

Usage: the happiest person alive; the nerve is alive; doctors are working hard to keep him alive; burned alive; a live canary

Synonyms: lively, vital, full of life

Definition: full of spirit

Usage: a dynamic full of life woman; a vital and charismatic leader; this whole lively world

Similar words: animated, alive

Definition: having life or vigor or spirit

Usage: an animated and expressive face; animated conversation; became very animated when he heard the good news

Synonyms: vital, life-sustaining

Definition: performing an essential function in the living body

Usage: vital organs; blood and other vital fluids; the loss of vital heat in shock; a vital spot; life-giving love and praise

Similar words: essential

Definition: basic and fundamental

Usage: the essential feature

Synonyms: critical, vital

Definition: urgently needed; absolutely necessary

Usage: a critical element of the plan; critical medical supplies; vital for a healthy society; of vital interest

Similar words: indispensable

Definition: not to be dispensed with; essential

Usage: foods indispensable to good nutrition

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