Synonyms for wakeful

Synonyms for (adj) wakeful

Synonyms: vigilant, wakeful, open-eyed, argus-eyed

Definition: carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger

Usage: a policy of open-eyed awareness; the vigilant eye of the town watch; there was a watchful dignity in the room; a watchful parent with a toddler in tow

Similar words: alert, watchful

Definition: engaged in or accustomed to close observation

Usage: caught by a couple of alert cops; alert enough to spot the opportunity when it came; constantly alert and vigilant, like a sentinel on duty

Synonyms: wakeful, waking

Definition: marked by full consciousness or alertness

Usage: worked every moment of my waking hours

Similar words: awake

Definition: not in a state of sleep; completely conscious

Usage: lay awake thinking about his new job; still not fully awake

Synonyms: wakeful, light

Definition: (of sleep) easily disturbed

Usage: in a light doze; a light sleeper; a restless wakeful night

Similar words: shallow

Definition: not deep or strong; not affecting one deeply

Usage: shallow breathing; a night of shallow fretful sleep; in a shallow trance

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