Synonyms for weight

Synonyms for (noun) weight

Synonyms: weight

Definition: an artifact that is heavy

Similar words: artefact, artifact

Definition: a man-made object taken as a whole

Synonyms: weight, exercising weight, free weight

Definition: sports equipment used in calisthenic exercises and weightlifting; it is not attached to anything and is raised and lowered by use of the hands and arms

Similar words: sports equipment

Definition: equipment needed to participate in a particular sport

Synonyms: weight

Definition: the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity

Similar words: physical property

Definition: any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions

Synonyms: weight, weightiness

Definition: the relative importance granted to something

Usage: his opinion carries great weight; the progression implied an increasing weightiness of the items listed

Similar words: importance

Definition: the quality of being important and worthy of note

Usage: the importance of a well-balanced diet

Synonyms: weight

Definition: an oppressive feeling of heavy force

Usage: bowed down by the weight of responsibility

Similar words: oppression, oppressiveness

Definition: a feeling of being oppressed

Synonyms: weight, weighting

Definition: (statistics) a coefficient assigned to elements of a frequency distribution in order to represent their relative importance

Similar words: coefficient

Definition: a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic

Synonyms: weight, weight unit

Definition: a unit used to measure weight

Usage: he placed two weights in the scale pan

Similar words: unit, unit of measurement

Definition: any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange

Usage: the dollar is the United States unit of currency; a unit of wheat is a bushel; change per unit volume

Synonyms: weight, system of weights

Definition: a system of units used to express the weight of something

Similar words: system of measurement, metric

Definition: a system of related measures that facilitates the quantification of some particular characteristic

Synonyms for (verb) weight

Synonyms: angle, slant, weight

Definition: present with a bias

Usage: He biased his presentation so as to please the share holders

Similar words: predetermine, bias

Definition: cause to be biased

Synonyms: burden, burthen, weight, weight down

Definition: weight down with a load

Similar words: charge

Definition: fill or load to capacity

Usage: charge the wagon with hay

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